Art of Aeiroki

Grim "Aeiroki" Thunderhaven is a freelance artist, working in both traditional & digital methods.Currently enjoying
Sky: Children of the Light!
You are viewing two recent pieces you can see in my ko-fi gallery.This page is once again under construction!!

More about Aeiroki!

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my web page. My name is Grim, and you'll see me online as Aeiroki in most places - I have been since 2007, when I played Neopets as a tween! Nowadays, I dedicate my free time to loving my friends and my passion for art while I work a part-time job.Aeiroki is pronounced 'arrow key', I'm a white agender lesbian, user of they/them pronouns, and my birthday is August 23rd.I'm a multimedia artist, so I do all sorts of stuff. I like digital and traditional tools, as well as combining them. My subjects largely range between all sorts of creatures and monsters, to people of all sorts as I learn to branch out, and a lovely mix of the two.Featured artwork: Snarks everywhere! (view on ko-fi)

a group of snarks (an alien bug with a red shell-ish body) posed jumping, standing alarmed, slung over a wall, and skittering about.

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